Who we are

The members of the BiotechClub board are current or former doctoral candidates from the University of Helsinki. They all share a common interest for the scientific environment in and outside of their institute and the curiosity to learn more by actively pursuing their goals and interests.




Anna Enzerink

Current position: External Innovation Liaison, Nordics at Johnson & Johnson Innovation


Vytas Raulinaitis

Current position: doctoral student, University of Helsinki


Zhao Zeng

Current position:  Supercell, Computer Games


Anastasiya Chernenko

Denis Dermadi Bebek

Heini Hakala

Sawan Kumar Jha

Hongxin Chen

Shentong Fang

Minttu Kansikas

Emmi Joensuu

Vytas Raulinaitis

Prasanna Sakha

Svetlana Semenov

Sandra Söderholm

Mari Teesalu

Isabel Weinheimer

Zhao Zeng

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